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It's That Time of Year Again

Are you dry and itcky? Is your scalp? Are your lips chapped?

Looks like you need some serious hydration. Whether it's drinking more fluids 《like water or juice, something with a high water content 》or slather your skin in oils or lotion.

I know that everyone has their favorite...So here are mine. And, you can get all these things on your next trip out.

  1. Carmex Lip Balm - in the Stick (I like to line my lips with a Neutral Color Lip Liner) and slap on my favorite lip Balm and I'm killing 2 birds with 1 stone. 《Lip color and a Lip balm》

  2. Vitamin E Oil - I dab a little around the area of fine lines 《it- corners of my eyes and my mouth 》《it works very slowly, but it works 》Then use a little on my face a d chest.

  3. Coconut Oil Or Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I cook with both of these. So when I have one out, to cook, I will rub some into my arms and legs. I don't go outside for about an hour after I apply the oil. I also wear sunscreen every day.

Do not spray dry shampoo or root covers directly on your scalp. It will stop your Grey's from taking to color, clog your hair follicle 《 causing your hair to thin》And make your scalp super itchy.

INSTEAD - spray it directly on the hair. Then , using a 100% Boar Bristle Brush, brush it through your hair, for even distribution.

Thank you, Nicole from

The Hair Loft in Mandarin

Jacksonville Florida

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