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Are you sick of your Frizz

If you want to quit spending hours a week on washing, styling and flat ironing your hair then

I have the solution for you. Do you want long term results with out your hair being permanently straight.

You need a Keratin Treatment

Yes, You can get a Keratin Treatment and still keep your natural volume at the scalp.

Yes you can still keep your curl or wave and get rid of the frizz.

Yes, you can diminish both the curl pattern and frizz to customize your keratin treatment the way you want it.

Is a Keratin Treatment bad for your hair?

NO, it isn't. Yes there is formaldehyde in all Keratin Treatment brands. It might go under another chemical name. But it is required to get the hair straight.

Yes there are all kinds of keratin treatments and many different brands of keratin treatments available. There is also a new name that keratin treatments are going by, and that is Hair Botox. Yes ladies, it is a keratin treatment, that is just the name of the product.

What to expect.

A Keratin Treatment will definitely change the texture of your hair, but it mostly used to get rid of the frizzy hair and to make it straight. You can have your certified stylist customize your Keratin Treatment to make your hair straight or keep it wavy.

Are you a good candidate for a Keratin Treatment?

YES, I don't even need to see you to know. Everyone's hair is made out of keratin. We loose keratin out of our hair daily due to hair color, blow-drying and styling every day. And, yes, even brushing the tangles out of our hair can weaken your strands. Your hair can be replenished. A keratin treatment will make your hair stronger and more resilient.

However if your hair is so damaged that it is splitting and breaking on the mid-lengths or ends you might not be a good candidate to get a Keratin Treatment until you get a trim or change your hair style.

How long does a Keratin Treatment last?

It can last up to 3 months, as long as you are using the specified supporting product line. You will see the little frizzies and curl start to appear at around 10 weeks. It is very important that you use these products, it'll insure that you will get the longest lasting style possible.

If you continue to get Keratin Treatments on the recommended basis, you will see that they last a lot longer. Keratin builds on itself. Ask your stylist about the do's and don'ts of your new hair.

But I have extensions, should I still get a Keratin Treatment

Yes, we can even do a Keratin Treatment on your extensions. It'll actually make your extensions last a little longer. As long as your extensions are 100% human hair.

Does this sound good to you?, It sure sounds good to me.

These pictures are 2 weeks after their Keratin Treatments. Look, no frizz

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