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My name is Rebeca

But some people call me Becs.

As a kid, I used to cut my Barbie doll’s hair if I ever got tired of their hairstyle, even went as far as giving them bangs.

I even cut my own hair once!

I honestly didn’t think I’d be doing hair until one day I decided to go to school and become one of the elite, 

And I grew to really love doing hair.  I live for the reveal


What I love about doing hair most is how people feel at the end of the service. I love making people feel their best.


I really love doing red hair color, it’s one of my favorite hair services to do because of the outcome. I’m a first generation Cuban American born and raised in Jacksonville FL. I love all things makeup, hair, and animals, and I love Selena

To make an appointment with me click the link below. Make sure to schedule a consultation. I want to give the correct estimate on timing and pricing


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