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Meet Nicole


Nicole in a Specialist at Blondes, Color, Extensions, Dry Haircuts as well as Curly Haircuts. With too many certifications to mention, under her belt. She is constantly seeking out better techniques and product to bring to all of you.

 I was born and raised in Ohio. I love being from the Mid-West,

 It is a beautiful place to visit. 

I went to Cosmetology school while I was in High School.


I cut and styled all of the dolls any one of my 5 sisters had. It was my obsession.

And now I have been doing hair for over 20 Years.

Two years after I got my license I opened my first salon.

I loved it. And after a few years I relocated to Jacksonville. It was one of the best decisions. I love it here, almost as much as much as being a Hairstylist.

 Who wouldn't want to live here, It's beautiful most of the time

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Nicole is Back at the Salon!


While I am getting stronger I am working on a restricted schedule.

But, I can't wait to see you

On June 2nd I was rushed into the hospital because of a week long migraine. And it was discovered that I had a brain tumor.


On June 4th The Tumor was removed in a 5 hour surgery. The Brain Tumor was non-cancerous and I am now on the mend. 

Because of the attending Neurosurgeon's {The Good Dr. Hill} expertise, He was able to get most of the tumor out without harming any of My fine motor skills.


That means that when I come back, I will be better than ever. While I am on the mend have been practicing all of her signature hair techniques on mannequins. As well as learning new techniques that I have always wanted to learn.


Stay tuned to this page for updates on Nicole's condition and when she will be coming back.

Click here to schedule an appointment

I am passionate about hair. I live for it.


After a very short time behind the chair. I realized that the Chemistry of the hair and products that I use are what I need to focus on to keep everyone's hair as healthy as possible.

 I love connecting with people while making their hair gorgeous. I love staying on the "cutting edge" of hair techniques. And I am always excited to learn anything I can about anything hair.

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