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we are excited that you are here

When you walk in to our salon, you will be greeted by one of our amazing Team Members. Where you will be checked in made to feel at home.


After you are seated in your chosen stylist chair, you will a have an in-depth and thorough consultation. This is where you both go over pictures of what your expectations are, the prices of what you desired look will be.

How long it will take to achieve and if it will take more than one visit.


You and your stylist will also go over what your vision for your hair is.

As well as what direction you'd like to go with your hair in the future.

What ever it may be, we are here for you.

As you scroll down this page, you will be walked through what to schedule and how to schedule. 

Image by Michael Dam
Image by Paige Cody

How to Schedule


Once you click onto our online scheduler you will then be able to choose which service you want to receive. You will also choose your preferred service provider.

If you are unsure of who you want to do your hair

 click here to go to our Bio Portal.

Each service has a different time frame, make sure that you choose which one is right for you. 

New Guest Services

What to Schedule


Not sure what you want to get?

That's O.K., you can click on New Client Consultation.

You will have up to 15 minutes to speak with a stylist about your wants and needs.

Shampoo, Haircut & Style

Whether you want a Wet or Dry Haircut, you will get a shampoo and style out. This helps to determine that the flow of your hair is perfect for you.

Color Touch-Up

you have a variety of options in this category. Pick which one describes best suites your needs

Mini Highlight

This service of meant to add just a few lighter pieces around your face or.

Usually consists of 6 foils and 25 grams of lightener

dtyj (2).jpg

Partial Highlight

This service is meant to slightly brighten your hair. Your Stylist will help determine where you want to see color placed around your face or on the top of your head then get a Haircut & Style

(this service consists of 12 Foils and 75 grams of lightener or color)

Full Highlight

This service is meant to lighten your hair. Your Stylist will help determine where you want to see color placed around your face and throughout your hair for a brightening effect then get a Haircut & Style

(this service consists of 24 Foils and 150 grams of lightener or color)

Specialty Highlights

Sombre, Ombre, Baby-Lights, Balayage and all of the other new and fun Techniques

As the specialist, your stylist will determine the technique to best achieve your desired look

(this service consists 100 grams of lightener)

Express Keratin Treatment

This service is meant to get rid of your frizz but keep most of your curl. We are using The Brazilian Blowout line at this time.

(this service lasts up to 8 weeks if using the recommended shampoo, conditioner and styling products)

If you are ready to make an appointment, click the button below

Scheduling Policy

Scheduling Policy

We respect your time 


To ensure that you get your preferred time reserved with our selected Stylist, we require a Credit Card to be kept on file, much like a hotel.

Once you have reserved your service and time, no one will be able to snag it. Make sure to schedule the right service for you. 

Each Service has a unique time frame, we want to make sure that you feel taken care of and are satisfied with the services that you received with us.

We Respect Our Stylists Time

We understand that life happens, this is why we have a 24 hour Cancellation Policy.

When you cancel within 24 hours of your service time you will be charged 25% of your reserved services. OR you are a No Call/No Show you will be charges 50% of the services reserved. If you have a friend or family member that wants to take your appointment for the exact time and services, then you will not be charged, as the appointment was filled. Or if the scheduled time was filled last minute by someone, you will not be charged. 

We appreciate you appreciating us, We cant wait to meet you

What To Expect 

When you click the Book Now button you will be rerouted to our online booking system. there you will read our Cancellation policy and then be prompted to make your very own online client file, where you can then explore our calendar, services and service Providers. 

When making a client file you will be asked to input your Credit Card to reserve your appointment. We will not use this information unless you do not adhere to the Cancellation Police/No Show policy.

Your information is kept in encrypted files on an of-site location, that can not be accessed until there is a less than 24 hour cancellation or a no-show. To cancel your appointment, should you need to, go to our Contact us page to email the salon.  Everything is time stamped so there is no confusion if the cancellation was before the 24 hour dedline. 

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