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Brand Navy #01172E

Brand Blush #F2E3D8

Brand White #00000

Brand Black #FFFFF

Brand Gold #B09C53

Jackie is a mom of children around 8 or older. Or doesn't have any children at all and doesn't want them. She is very sure about her life decisions. She is around 30 but can be up to 50 years old with a high-schooler


She works, and loves her job. It is a job that fulfills her soul. It is a job that she drives to, but sometimes she can work from home or from a remote locale (the salon). 


She loves her coffee and pastry from the corner coffee shop. And loves a home cooked meal, that her loving partner made just for her. She doesn't necessarily have to have a glass of wine with dinner, but she won't say no. 

She loves little local eateries and shops at as many local eclectic stores as she can.

She is married or in a long term relationship with a supportive partner, who encourages her to take time for herself. She has the nicest group of mom friends. But, she has that 1 or 2 friends that she can never replace.they mean the most to her.

She wants to look her best and spends about 15 min a day on her hair and about 15 min on her makeup. So all in all she takes about an hour to get ready every day. But no worries, she gets ready before she gets her kids ready for the day. She is usually 15 min ahead of schedule to account for life circumstances. She tries not to stress too much about outside life circumstances that she has no control over, but instead, she tries to ride the wave to keep herself calm. She also loves to exercise when she gets a half hour free, but she realizes that she may have to give up a stress free morning for that, and its ok.

She doesnt want too much upkeep on her hair. But she is willing to spend up to 3 hours on her hair appointment about every 2 1/2 to 3 months. Except when we need to touch up her greys, but thats why we highlight her hair the way we do. 

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